the universe's first interactive balkan-dada-dub experience

save the world from it's fishlessness by simplifying the horse

and maybe you are brave enough to become the most experienced

cat exploder

featuring the song simplify this horse by extrafish

valentin baumgartner - vocals, guitar, efx, oud

andi bissig - sax

jonas künzli - doublebass, synthbass

adrian böckli - drums, perc


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I dont like my life will ever be the same and im fine with that.


Number 3 cat exploder.

It's nice to be able to say that I've really accomplished something with my life.

helping someone to accomplish something with their lives is also a good feeling.

omg you're still 3d

i would try to beat you but without my old touch screen pc i dont think i can so i wont lol

good job:D

... WHAT?!